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"....they say you are what you eat, so I strive to eat healthy/my goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy/cuz true wealth comes from good health & wise ways/we got to start taking better care of ourselves" -dead prez

a journey of health. of peace. of balance. of self.

my vehicles- chemically free living, juicing, nutrition, running, hiking, traditional chinese medicine, loving our pachamama, and eating amazing food grown from the depths of her belly

welcome to my journey. follow me.



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Fantastic article written by Seattle-based dietitian, Andy Bellatti, who argues that the goal is less about arguing over whose diet reigns supreme, but rather we should join in alliance and fight the bigger beast that is the American industrial food complex. 

Lunchtime! Homemade, hand massaged raw kale salad & free-range chicken broth cooked quinoa.


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Food for Thought. 


Cambodian-American artist Anida Yeou Ali reminds us all how incredibly inane and insane it is to assume that someone, anyone, “looks Muslim.”

WAIALUA SUNSETS. I love my life.

LEMONGRASS TEA. freshly picked Mohala Farms lemongrass tea

Lunchtime! Food Should Taste Good olive chips & low-sodium, organic tomato soup

Sunchokes AKA: Jerusalem Artichokes. I must try one.

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DIET FOR A SMALL ISLAND. Homemade organic split pea soup with fried kalo chips, locally grown organic collard greens salad, and sunflower bread with sun-dried tomato spread.

KALO CHIPS. Hawaiian Kalo dusted with fresh rosemary, thyme, and Hawaiian sea salt.

COLLARD RIBBONS. Blanched, ribbon-cut organic, Mohala Farms collard greens.

the audacity of bananavores

Today’s lunch. locally grown Manoa lettuce wrap with antibiotic-free roasted turkey breast, sprouts, avocado, and hummus.  

Mohala Farms hale building. the hipstamtic album.  

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